Sexy Minx

27 05 2010

This is the sort of thing you want right now. Cruising along the Sea-Front, windows down with the 8-track playing The Beach Boys. This Hillman Minx Estate belongs to Retro-Rides resident owner of all things cool and British, Seth Kennedy. It has been Seth’s daily driver for some time now while he worked on his rather special Triumph Herald. During it’s service it has been impeccably behaved, travelling around London with the effortless cool that only a classic car can provide. To reward the car for it’s great behaviour Seth decided that a new set of wheels would be just the ticket. But not just any wheels would do. The wheels you see here are something of a custom effort, made up from a variety of different wheels. Inspired by some model wheels Seth purchased back in the mid-90’s these have taken some time to build up. Based on the baskets of some 1970’s fake wire wheels the wire cover was removed to leave just the smooth bowl of the basket. Once the wires were removed the brand new ‘Spinner’ centre caps were imported from America and then after a bit of work fitted to the baskets. To finish them off Seth fitted some chrome valve covers and painted the thin white walls onto the side wall of the tyres. The results are unique and astounding, to take a quintessentially British family car and make into something that would look perfectly at home cruising around California is no mean feat, but Seth has pulled it off with style and ease.



8 05 2010

Today was a sad day. My trusty Passat Estate went away on the back of a trailer after imploding in an oily mess. I’m going to miss this car, but fear not, it will be replaced with something old and Volkswagen shaped very soon. But as a send off to the Passat… have some more Passats. Oh… and sorry about the lack of posts, normal service will resume soon.

The Bruiser

17 04 2010

RS4 on BBS CH’s… I’m spent!

Simple Scoob

15 04 2010

White 5-spokes, a slam and a roof-rack… doesn’t sound that impressive but it definitely is!

Just Like Watching Brazil

10 04 2010

Now here’s something a bit different, for those of you wondering what on earth it is it’s a Volkswagen 412 Variant. Produced between 1972 and 1974 it was the successor to the very similar 411 which in turn was the replacement for the more popular Type-3. Although it had many advances in technology compared with previous Volkswagens the Type-4 was never a big seller and was often seen as over-priced compared with it’s competitors. Eventually it was replaced by the water-cooled Passat in Europe, however the design lived on in Brazil as the Brasilia which continued production until 1982 when it was phased out in favour of the more modern Gol. So that’s your little bit of history for the day, I don’t know about you but I find this particular one incredibly ugly… yet effortlessly cool, VW have a knack for that.

Family Man

4 04 2010

If Mad Max had a wife, three kids and a Labrador this is what he’d drive. Insanely hard!


3 04 2010

Well that’s not something you see everyday, a slammed Mk2 Cavalier Wagon. Loving the 90’s chic TSW Stealths too!