Modified Nationals Top 10

1 06 2010

Right, after sifting through the pictures I was having somewhat of a hard time deciding which ones to post up. Which is when it struck me that using the age old method of the Top 10 system might just work. So here we go, my Top 10 cars from The Modified Nationals 2010. There may be some controversial choices in there but I’ve tried to keep the choices are varied as possible as well as choosing from a lot of different budget ranges. So sit back, relax and please feel free to debate my choices.

10.  MG ZR

9. Carbon Fibre Honda Civic

8. Fiat Punto

7. Datsun Sunny Estate

6. VW Golf R32

5. Vauxhall Corsa B 5-Door

4. Z-Cars Mini

3. HKS Nissan Skyline R34

2. Vauxhall Corsa D

1. CarAudioSecurity Subaru Impreza


Modified Nationals 2010 – Preview

30 05 2010

Well today I headed to Peterborough for the Annual Modified Nationals show. Now, I have to admit, I was slightly apprehensive as the Mod Nats does have something of a reputation for being a plastic tat fest galore (that can be taken one of two ways). Now while there is still an element of this kind of thing I was pleasantly surprised to see a really good amount of high quality, really well modified cars on display. There is no doubting the influence Euro or Cleaned styled cars are having on the UK scene at the moment as the place was rammed with them. Now while some elitists hate this, I’m all for it, I’d much rather attend a show full of cars like this than one with just a couple of gems amongst the plastic and neons. So, here is a sneak preview of what turned out to be a surprisingly enjoyable show. More pictures up tomorrow and the whole gallery will be on the flickr by the end of the week.

Minty Fresh

6 05 2010

Sometimes clean and simple is for the best. A good example would be this Nova Sport, which with its spotless White paint just looks beyond perfect. I’d love it.


23 04 2010

I swear I’m regressing. All I can think about at the moment is 90’s Hot Hatches with wideboy bodykits and lairy split rims. It’s like I’m living in 1997 all over again.

True Blue

4 04 2010

I’ve always been a big fan of Vauxhall Nova’s and when they look as clean as this one it’s easy to see why. Rolling on those classic Speedline wheels and running a 2l Turbo Red-Top mated up to a 6-speed box it has the power to back up it’s looks.


3 04 2010

Well that’s not something you see everyday, a slammed Mk2 Cavalier Wagon. Loving the 90’s chic TSW Stealths too!