Modified Nationals Top 10

1 06 2010

Right, after sifting through the pictures I was having somewhat of a hard time deciding which ones to post up. Which is when it struck me that using the age old method of the Top 10 system might just work. So here we go, my Top 10 cars from The Modified Nationals 2010. There may be some controversial choices in there but I’ve tried to keep the choices are varied as possible as well as choosing from a lot of different budget ranges. So sit back, relax and please feel free to debate my choices.

10.  MG ZR

9. Carbon Fibre Honda Civic

8. Fiat Punto

7. Datsun Sunny Estate

6. VW Golf R32

5. Vauxhall Corsa B 5-Door

4. Z-Cars Mini

3. HKS Nissan Skyline R34

2. Vauxhall Corsa D

1. CarAudioSecurity Subaru Impreza


A Legacy of Cool

27 05 2010

Now, if you’re a regular visitor to the Hellaflush blog you will have undoubtedly spotted awesome Subaru Legacy. I try not to make a habit of reposting anything I spot on some of the bigger blogs, simply because if I’m posting the same stuff as them there would be no point in you visiting Fully-Sick. However, to every rule there is an exception and this is most definitely worth a massive exception. Firstly I have always been a massive fan of the first-generation Legacy, one of my earliest memories of Rallying is that of Colin McRae hooning around in the Rothmans sponsored Legacy RS. That car always looked the part. Secondly I feel like the Legacy has become like the forgotten sibling to the Impreza, despite being the better looking car, but I guess with the Impreza’s motorsport credentials that is no surprise. However, it’s always nice to root for the underdog. So from that you can probably understand that I was somewhat excited when I spotted this little number on Hellaflush. The car has been built by Logan Noel, one of the guys behind the excellent Drift Union blog. As you can probably tell, the car has been built as a dedicated drift car and is apparently a regular sight at North American and Canadian drift events. It started out as a Legacy RS packing the 2.0 Turbo boxer engine and was of course 4WD. However due to it’s forthcoming use as a drift car the Drift Union lads converted it to RWD with apparently very little knowledge on how to do the conversion. The finished product looks brilliant, not only does the left of field choice of car make it stand out, but also the look and sheer aggression of the thing too. I would love to see more Legacy’s given some proper treatment, right now they are shockingly cheap to buy, with many being broken for the engines to be used in Air-Cooled VW’s. So, forget about Impreza’s and join the Legacy. Oh, and just a side note, Drift Union also run a matching Mazda RX7… but more on that tomorrow!

Da Brat

20 05 2010

I love the old Subaru Brats, they bring back happy memories of pouring through the old Tamiya catalogues in the early-90’s. This one is particularly great, not your usual old battered farmers hack, this one is pristine and primed for track action. Rad!

Gorillas in the Mist

5 05 2010

I can’t say I’m the worlds biggest Subaru Impreza fan but in full WRC mode they are virtually irresistable.

Simple Scoob

15 04 2010

White 5-spokes, a slam and a roof-rack… doesn’t sound that impressive but it definitely is!

What the future holds

29 03 2010

What is Fully-Sick? Well the plan is to make it home to all things automotive and cool. We’re not going to stick to one style or ‘scene’ if it looks good it’ll be here. Euro, JDM, Retro, Stanced, Rat, Hot-Rods, we’ll do the lot. So without further adieu here is a little sneak preview of some of the things you can expect from us in the future.

A load of this…

A bit of this…

Quite a lot of this…

And maybe one or two of these…

Don’t worry though, everything will be work-safe so check back any time, hang on and enjoy the ride.