The Assassin

10 05 2010

While we’re on the subject of Bosozoku inspired rides let me introduce you to The Assassin. Starting life as a sweet and innocent 1989 Nissan Sunny 1.6 it has slowly revealed it’s inner demon thanks to some coaxing from owner, member Rob. Now with a full on stance, various accessories and in show mode a 6-foot high exhaust this Sunny really stands out from the crowd. Not only is the Sunny a left of field choice for a base car but also in the ever growing field of Rat-Look cars The Assassin in my mind looks one of the more thought out and complete examples. And besides… with looks like that, I’m not going to argue with it!


The Big Bang Pt.3

26 04 2010

Big Bang 2010 Pt.2

26 04 2010

Some more pictures from yesterday.

Pimp Incher

12 04 2010

Doesn’t get cooler than this, fact! Game over!

Family Man

4 04 2010

If Mad Max had a wife, three kids and a Labrador this is what he’d drive. Insanely hard!

Budget Pornstar

31 03 2010

The old saying ‘nothing in life is free’ has never been truer in this day and age. However that doesn’t mean there isn’t any bargains still to grab still out there. Take this cheeky little Seat Arosa for example, a funky little hatchback for £500 thanks to eBay. Sure, it was a little tatty, the interior looked like a rubbish tip and some upstanding member of society had tried to break into it at some point, but with some Tax and a long MOT what more could you want? Well if you’re Club-Lupo and Retro-Rides member Jowey then a lot more. Firstly the rear end was given a tidy thanks to the removal of the rear-badges and wiper and the addition of the Cambridge rear lights. Next up were the obligatory coilovers for the lows and a set of banded Seat Inca steels, which really got the little Arosa looking cool. And that’s how it stayed until it was decided that the rather sad looking paintwork could do with a freshen up and without the budget for a fully respray a plan was hatched with plenty of cans of Vino Russo paint. The ghetto respray was done panel by panel over a period of time and personally I think it looks really eye catching without going down the well trodden ‘Rat-Look’ route. Once the paint was done attention was turned once again to the stance and a new set of custom coilovers were fitted for the pan-scraping status and soon followed by the stunning Alpine Turbine wheels. As it stands this Arosa is proof that you don’t need piles of cash to build a truly eye-catching and unique car, all you need is a little bit of  know-how and a creative eye.