Ribena Rex

28 05 2010

Well, as promised yesterday it is time for your second dose of Purple Goodness. As you can probably tell, this RX7 is the partner car of Logan Noel’s Subaru Legacy I posted yesterday. Both represent Drift Union at various North American and Canadian drift events throughout the year and are quickly becoming recognised for their unique and aggressive styling choices. The RX7 is owned by Shawn Browne and along with the Legacy it has recently been under the spray-gun to receive it’s insane colour change. Who would of thought violet would work so well on such aggressive looking cars? Packing what I would guess to be atleast 10in wide rears under those frankly fat arches this car has to have one of the best stances of any Drift Car in the world. The amount of rubber those arches must shred has to be insane. But hey, all the best drift cars are uncompromising, no other motorsport holds the importance of styling higher than drifting. And it has to be said, the majority of the time, it’s those at the grass-roots of the sport that seem to be the ones that continue to push boundaries. So when it comes to these two cars which would you own? The Legacy still stands out for me, sheerly for it’s uniqueness. But then you look at the FC, with it’s super-aggressive looks over that classic body shape and that too becomes irresistible. Damn it, you shouldn’t have to choose, both cars are insanely cool and I would say, two of the best looking drift cars out there. Props to both Logan and Shawn.


Drift Culture

13 05 2010

I heard the other day that Drifting is the fastest growing Motorsport in the world. I think it’s easy to see why. No other Motorsport provides quite the same spectacle as Drifting, the noise, the smoke and just how fantastic some of the cars look. I must get to some Drift events this year.

Mean Street Drift

30 04 2010

Whatever you say about drifters, one things for sure, they do know how to shoot a nice video. Whether it’s the sheer spectacle of the event that attracts such great cinematographers I’m not sure, but whatever it is I’m going to keep on enjoying them. Personal favourites in this video are the E36 and the Mazda Roadster. Both look hard in very different ways.

Sweeny Todd

27 04 2010

If these are driven by hairdressers, please, whatever you do, don’t let them near the cut-throat razor! Hard as nails.