Daily Driver

22 04 2010

You may remember this Golf from the very first post I made on here. It is owned and built by Alex over at the excellent Dailys blog and if I’m really honest I would have to say it is my favourite Mk2 on the UK scene at the moment. And you know what? I couldn’t even tell you why, it’s just right!


Spanish Orange

19 04 2010

Is there a better combination than a Mk2 Golf rolling on a wide set of BBS RS’s? However many you see they still look good every time, the definition of a timeless look. The way this black GTi contrasts with those bright orange centres is just simply stunning, I can’t think of a better car to drive round scraping that Spanish tarmac.

A Girl and her Golf

6 04 2010

If there’s one thing I do like, it’s a bit of pink!

It looks a bit wooden…

2 04 2010

Wood wrap, ultra rare RH wheels and a more-door… its different but I like it!

Most Haunted

1 04 2010

Mk2 Golfs do not come much more classic or clean looking than this one. What a beaut!

BBM Love

29 03 2010

Check out this stunning BBM Mk2 Golf. Owned by Edition38 and DubClique member Haris. It started its life under his ownership as a slightly tatty 1991 GTi running on some even tattier steel wheels. However a good clean, some new lights and a OEM grill soon had it looking a lot smarter. These were closely followed by a new set of KW Variant 1’s coilovers and some Porsche wheels Haris just happened to have lying around. With the car now looking more respectable it was time for Haris to do the finishing touches including the all important Momo wheel, a full set of G60 arches, some audio and the piece de resistance those stunning 15×9 OZ Turbo split rims. To me, this is the best stanced Mk2 in the UK, if not the world, so understated yet completely stunning too. I love it.

What the future holds

29 03 2010

What is Fully-Sick? Well the plan is to make it home to all things automotive and cool. We’re not going to stick to one style or ‘scene’ if it looks good it’ll be here. Euro, JDM, Retro, Stanced, Rat, Hot-Rods, we’ll do the lot. So without further adieu here is a little sneak preview of some of the things you can expect from us in the future.

A load of this…

A bit of this…

Quite a lot of this…

And maybe one or two of these…

Don’t worry though, everything will be work-safe so check back any time, hang on and enjoy the ride.