Happy 60th Birthday!

2 06 2010

Well today is apparently the 60th Birthday of the beloved Volkswagen Camper Van. How true this is I’m not sure, but considering the influence the humble Volkswagen has had on yours truly it’s only fair we celebrate, just in case. So what better way to do so, than by posting four stunning pictures of four of it’s best known evolutions. Five more years and it’ll be able to get a BUS pass… get it? I’ll get my coat!


Nice Nova

28 04 2010

I bet this wasn’t what you were expecting? This is one of the few Kit-Cars I would own, based on a Beetle floor-pan it looks like it comes straight out of a 1968 edition of Tomorrow’s World. Can’t help but think that Lamborghini missed a trick with their doors.

Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau

28 04 2010

Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau or IFA as it was better known was a conglomerate of East German motor manufacturers kind of like British Leyland in the 1970’s. IFA covered a broad range of marks including Wartburg, Trabant and Barkas as well as lesser know brands, MZ, Robur, Simson and Multicar, which incidentally is the only surviving East European manufacturer today. IFA were known for building low cost, simple vehicles which appealed to the low-income society of communist East Germany. In this way, much like the Beetle in West Germany, they were the people’s car, providing society with an easy to maintain means of transport. For this reason I have often considered the IFA cars to be an interesting alternative to Air-Cooled VW’s, particularly the early Trabant’s which I feel share many styling cues with Volkswagen. Unfortunately, with low import numbers not many IFA cars survive in the UK, however it is easy enough to import one from central Europe now thanks to the EU. I would personally love to build an early Trabant, just to see the attention it would cause driving into a Air-Cooled show. Maybe one for the future…

The Big Bang Pt.3

26 04 2010

Big Bang 2010 Pt.2

26 04 2010

Some more pictures from yesterday.

Big Bang 2010 Pt. 1

25 04 2010

Well today didn’t get off to the best of starts. We arrived at Santa Pod to be greeted by cloudy sky’s and spitting rain. Never a good sign at a Drag Strip. Already some of the cars were leaving, which always a bit of a disheartening sight when you’re driving through the gates at 9 in the morning. However as the day went on the sun struggled to push through, giving a glimmer of hope. Eventually by the afternoon the Sun shone and I could get some better pictures. Unfortunately just as the Sun came out a lot of people had decided to call it a day so the majority of the shots are of people on their way out. Still, it was a good day, with a lot of nice cars on show. I’m looking forward to a lot more Air-Cooled shows at The Pod this year, hopefully with a bit more sun.

Big Bang

25 04 2010

Well this morning I’m off to The Big Bang at Santa Pod, should be a good day hopefully.