Sunday Driver

26 05 2010

The Morris Minor, the archetypical classic car. It evokes images of flat caps, picnic rugs and a flask of tea. What a pleasant way to travel through the summer Countryside on your way to Steam Rally or a Village Feat. But hang on, there’s something wrong. This one pictured does not seem to be sauntering along in a respectable manner. And wait! That isn’t a country lane. And why is the driver wearing a Helmet like he’s Sterling Moss? This is all so wrong, I mean, look at those fancy pants wide wheels, hideous! I would bet my last penny that the poor thing isn’t running it’s original A-Series either. No, I bet it’s been unceremoniously ripped out in place of something more ‘performance based’, a Fiat Twin-Cam no doubt. What a terrible waste of a classic car… I mean, who wants to go fast afterall?


One For the Purists

25 05 2010

Certain cars just get a certain kind of dedicated following that other cars just don’t get. The kind of following that like their cars to be ‘just so’. You know the type, the MG owner who spends every waking hour polishing his car for it to only do 20 miles a year. Or the Sierra Cosworth owner who knows every single part number on his car. Well the Peugeot 205 GTi is another car that could be heading in that kind of direction. It is kind of understandable though, I mean, out of the box, the 205 was considered by many to be ‘the’ Hot-Hatch and with that kind of status comes the mentality that they should be left untouched. I guess it’s the kind of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mantra. However, thankfully, some people have to tinker, okay not always to good effect, but sometimes people get it just oh so right. This is one of those occasions. The owner of this Belgian 205 has managed to completely transform the car with very little work. In fact, to my eye, other than the obvious drop and those stunning split-rims the only other modifications I can see are the fog-lights, exhaust and slightly extended arches. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, less is more.

Extra, Extra…

24 05 2010

Want something delivered to you fast, well then you need a very quick van don’t you? This Renault 5 Extra Van should fit the bill perfectly. Owned by Retro-Rides member Brigsy the little van has slowly evolved from a standard load lugger into the turbo’s beast you see before your eyes now. Starting life as a 1.9 Diesel the van was bought as a cheap project whilst Brigsy restored his previous daily, a Renault 5 GT Turbo. The 1.9 oil burner was soon relieved of it’s position and replaced by a spare GT Turbo engine Brigsy happened to have laying around. This engine was mated up to a Vauxhall Frontera intercooler a T28 Turbo and a 2.5 inch side exit exhaust amongst other things. This set up resulted in a 14.6 sec run at Santa Pod with a top speed of 91mph. Not bad I’m sure you’ll agree, but more was to come. A lairy cam was added along with upping the boost. These changes along with a new Intercooler coupled with the fact that for Drag Strip runs the Van now runs 7.5in wide Drag Slicks on the front have seen Brigsy drop into the 12sec mark, an incredible feat for what is essentially a souped up 1.4 Van. With all the right work in all the right places Brigsy has built what has to be one of the best ‘cars’ on the UK French Car scene, combining performance and looks with a unique base has produced something brilliant and something I’m sure most of us would love to own.

Da Brat

20 05 2010

I love the old Subaru Brats, they bring back happy memories of pouring through the old Tamiya catalogues in the early-90’s. This one is particularly great, not your usual old battered farmers hack, this one is pristine and primed for track action. Rad!


19 05 2010

Chuck your friends in the back, dispose of any bra’s the women might be wearing, get lost, meet some Hillbillies and get chased by a Chainsaw wielding maniac. Perfect.

Greetings from Minato, Tōkyō

18 05 2010

I’ve just realised that this blog hasn’t had a single Mitsubishi posted on it yet (the Chrysler Conquest doesn’t count) and that just isn’t right is it!?

Battered and Bruised

18 05 2010

Battered and bruised, used and abused and harder than a Sledge-Hammer to the head.