Happy 60th Birthday!

2 06 2010

Well today is apparently the 60th Birthday of the beloved Volkswagen Camper Van. How true this is I’m not sure, but considering the influence the humble Volkswagen has had on yours truly it’s only fair we celebrate, just in case. So what better way to do so, than by posting four stunning pictures of four of it’s best known evolutions. Five more years and it’ll be able to get a BUS pass… get it? I’ll get my coat!


Da Brat

20 05 2010

I love the old Subaru Brats, they bring back happy memories of pouring through the old Tamiya catalogues in the early-90’s. This one is particularly great, not your usual old battered farmers hack, this one is pristine and primed for track action. Rad!


19 05 2010

Chuck your friends in the back, dispose of any bra’s the women might be wearing, get lost, meet some Hillbillies and get chased by a Chainsaw wielding maniac. Perfect.

Greetings from Minato, Tōkyō

18 05 2010

I’ve just realised that this blog hasn’t had a single Mitsubishi posted on it yet (the Chrysler Conquest doesn’t count) and that just isn’t right is it!?

Battered and Bruised

18 05 2010

Battered and bruised, used and abused and harder than a Sledge-Hammer to the head.

Frank Sonata

17 05 2010

I remember the Hyundai Sonata being a not too pretty ‘luxury’ saloon if you couldn’t afford a 5-Series… or an Omega… or a five year old Scorpio. Still, the 2010 version looks to be far from that. Hyundai’s are becoming increasingly popular in the US, I’m surprised they’re still not seen as better cars in the UK.

Conquest and Plunder

17 05 2010

Why do manufacturers insist on confusing us with their re-badging of cars? Just when you get used to loving a certain car you discover it isn’t what you think it is… but luckily confusion aside it turns out that the Chrysler Conquest is just as awesome as the Mitsubishi Starion. This one in particular is even more awesome than most, spot on stance, stunning colour and a retro-chic rear end. What more could you want?